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Hatake Kakashi
15 September
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No Gai.

Hatake Kakashi

Character age: 30

Character history:

As a young child Hatake Kakashi seemed to have a charmed life, with a father who loved him with great affection, and held him high above all other things in his life. Always doing all he could to help Kakashi achieve his goals in life. But as Kakashi got older his fathers lavish attentions seemed to be diminishing, as his life got more and more stressful, and he began to spend more, and more time away from home.

And as his father became more, and more obsessed with his work, he seemed to become consumed by it. And one day, when Kakashi was but a boy, his father took his own life, in the presence of the boy. And Kakashi never gotten over it. After this event, Kakashi felt alone in the world, and hurt, though he'd never admit it. Being put into an orphanage with thirty other children was a huge change for Kakashi. Used to being the center of attention, and having people dote over him, he was slightly confused when they just gave him sharp commands, and pointed him in the direction of the wash-closet.

Being so young at the time Kakashi was confused about what had happened to his father. He remembered that there was a lot of blood, and his father had been hurt, but that didn't make any sense. His father had been hurt, and bleeding a lot before, but he had always come back. Always. So when he asked the nun who ran the orphanage when his father would be coming back to get him, and she had to explain to him what had happened. And since that day Kakashi has seemingly not trusted another person.

During his schooling Kakashi noticed at the age of seven that there was a boy in his classes, who seemed to be trying to compete with him, and though his teachers didn't notice, and his class mates seemed not to notice, Kakashi decided he wouldn't slack off as she had been doing lately, and he would compete with this boy. Secretly, of course. And this seemed to go on for years, even as Kakashi was slipping away from everyone else, Gai was there. Pulling him back, and making him try for things he normally didn't care to try for.

And though he became quite obsessed with the underworld, and it's workings, everyone was shocked to find that Kakashi joined a gang at the end of his sixteenth year. And so he would keep up these activities for several years.

During his teen years though, Kakashi ran into a snag, he met a boy who would forever change his outlook on life. He met a boy who made him realize that though what his father had done was stupid, it had been necessary. And Kakashi began to realize that he really didn't need to go through life alone, and though Gai had been trying to tell him that for years, it only took Obito one night. And soon after the two became best friends.

It didn't take long though for something bad to happen, as Kakashi had prayed wouldn't, one day when they were on a late night run they were ambushed, and Kakashi being called a traitor was about to be shot, when Obito stepped in the way, telling Kakashi to run, which he did, but regretted, when he looked back and saw his best friend being gunned down.

After that happened, Kakashi packed up and left town, moving to a city, just above Konoha, attending, and graduating college at the age of twenty, though this was a hard feat for even him, he managed it.

And though he didn't stay in one place for very long, for fear of having his past track him down, he stayed busy. And tried to keep his hands out of blood, he tried to make Obito proud.

And now, after so many years he has decided to move back to Konoha to face the ghosts of his past one more time...

Occupation: Day job: Shop attendant at the local book store
Night job: Bartender at a local bar

(This is a role playing journal, for the character Hatake Kakashi, from the series Naruto, played by chi_chi_z, in the community as_shurikenturn